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Founded in a lifelong love of dogs and fostered by wonderful experiences with miniature Australian labradoodles, the Hogan family launched Southern Labradoodles in the Spring of 2017. Above all else, the program is inspired by a desire to foster joyful relationships with kind, loyal, smart Australian Labradoodles. At the heart of Southern Labradoodles is family and joy. So, as a breeding program, Southern Labradoodles is informed by the utmost commitment to ethical breeding practices. Southern Labradoodle breeding dogs are treated with the respect and love of family members - they are an integral part of family life, and females are bred only two to three times before being retired. All puppies are socialized and cared for as family members until eight weeks of age, when they are ready to join their forever family. 

As a boutique program, we are able to dedicate an enormous amount of time and care to our pack - not only during the breeding process, but also the rearing and placement process. From birth, Southern Labradoodles puppies are socialized, as well as trained by a certified dog trainer, so that they are more than ready to join their forever family. 





Ruby, DAM

Ruby joined the Hogan family in September of 2017. With a chocolate nose and coat, Ruby's rich coat is striking - especially among the Southern Labradoodle pack of apricot and honey coats. At twenty two pounds, she's a miniature.

Fiercely loyal, Ruby is the sweetest girl and simply cannot give enough kisses. She loves to snuggle and carry around rocks. 

She splits her time between Seaside, Florida and San Antonio, Texas.  




With a brown nose, light yellow + green eyes and a light honey coloring, Wilson is what's referred to as an apricot. He has a stockier, sturdier build and a light, wavy coat. At thirty two pounds, he is a medium sized labradoodle.

Wilson is a happy, friendly dog - he's never met another dog (or person) he doesn't immediately love. And while's he's totally a dog's dog, Wilson is also incredibly sweet, loyal and smart - he loves cuddling and sleeping on his back.

He lives in Austin, Texas with Makenzi Hogan. 



Gracie is the latest addition to the Hogan family and Southern Labradoodles Pack. With parchment coloring and white miss-marks on her paws, she’s a stunner. We expect Gracie to be around twenty five pounds.

Gracie adores the Southern Labradoodle Pack, and has already established herself as second in command (to Ruby, of course). Although, she is an excellent snuggler, who loves alone time in the bed.

She splits her time between Seaside, Florida and San Antonio, Texas.




Southern Labradoodles is committed to facilitating life-long relationships with miniature Australian Labradoodles, and we believe it is our duty to ensure that prospective families are both able and eager to take on the responsibility of adopting a puppy. Therefore, Southern Labradoodles has an application process designed to match puppies that will meet a prospective family's needs, lifestyles and expectations. Though we cannot guarantee prospective families a spot on the waiting list, please complete the application in full and standby for our team to contact you for an interview. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you!